Friday, August 31, 2007

kids sought by police caught

From the crime log:

"Two juveniles, the subjects of a helicopter search about
10:30 last night, were arrested.

They had been on the roof of
Rodgers Forge Elementary School.
Coincidentally, tomatoes had been thrown against the west end
of the school and eggs were smashed across Dumbarton Road
from the School.

Remember,if you see or hear anyone on school or park grounds
after dark, call 911.

There was a robbery near Regester and Loch Raven Blvd.
last night.

Below is an alert for other juvenile offenders.
The two short boys have VERY long hair. If you see them and/or
the three tall boys, call 911.

Don't hesitate, let the police ask questions.

There are new reports of destructions of property
occurring in residential areasand on Towson High
School property.
A neighbor recently followed 5 suspicious youths the
other day and saw one of them slash a pool on Knollwood.

The primary suspects are 2 white male juveniles of
short stature with long hair.

They have been seen in the company of 3 taller
white male youths.

If you see these individuals roaming through
your neighborhood, call 911 so they can be identified.

Officer Bill Anderson and Towson High SRO Tim Fiedler are
investigating. If you have any information, Officer
Anderson can be reached at PC6 at
Officer Fiedler can be reached at
410-887-3608 or at"

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