Thursday, August 16, 2007

man beaten and robbed in Stoneleigh

from the crime log:

"Last night at approximately 11:15 P.M. an elderly male
resident from Stoneleigh Rd. taking a night walk, was robbed
and beaten with his own walking stick and a trash can in
front of 7118 Bristol Rd. Bristol Rd is one block east
and parallel to York Rd. The victim screamed for help and
the suspects left the scene in a red 4-door sedan.

Suspects described as 2 black males, ages 18-25, 5'07,
stocky builds wearing dark tee shirts. Suspects initially
drove by the victim at Chumleigh and Hatherleigh in the
red 4-door sedan. The passenger suspect got out on
Bristol and confronted the victim. The driver then came
back, exited the vehicle and assisted in the robbery. The
driver picked up a trash can and assaulted the victim with it.
The passenger suspect beat victim with the stick.

The victim was transported to GBMC with severe injuries,
but appears to be recovering. This case is priority for
precinct 6 investigators. Any information should be
reported to detectives at 410-887-5508 or the
main precinct line of 410-887-2361.

Sergeant Stephen Moffett
Precinct 6 Community Outreach Team &
Hillendale CSAFE Team
6877 Loch Raven Blvd.
Towson, MD 21286

[and a correction from the crime log:]

To all Rodgers Forge neighbors, COP and friends,

The man, mugged on Bristol Road in Stoneleigh Wednesday night,
was not robbed of $600 as I was originally told.
His glasses were broken and damage to his cane, etc. amounted to $600.
My source is acting Captain of Precinct Six, Lt. Randy Guraleczka.

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