Friday, August 17, 2007

many baby bottles, sippy cups deemed dangerous

(BOULDER, CO) The authors of BABY BARGAINS, the country’s
best-selling guide to baby products (700,000 copies in print), today
called forparents to stop using baby bottles and sippy cups made of
polycarbonate plastic.

Polycarbonate bottles are made from a chemical called bisphenol A
(BPA). In an article in a peer-reviewed medical journal last week,
a group of 38 scientists said BPA caused a significant health risk.,0,1828523.story?coll=la-home-nation

Also last week, a federal panel convened by the National Institutes of
said there is “some concern” the chemical could cause
behavioral and neurological problems in young children.

Specifically, parents should stop using Avent’s Natural
Bottle and Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow (or any bottle made
of polycarbonate
plastic)---these products were previously
recommended by BABY BARGAINS.

“All baby bottles and sippy cups made of polycarbonate plastic should
be avoided,” said author and consumer advocate Denise Fields. “If
you are shopping for bottles, chose an alternative made from BPA-free
plastic or glass. If you have polycarbonate bottles, throw them out.”

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