Friday, June 13, 2008

Dance class fee, plus a recital fee?

A friend of mine has a three-year-old daughter who takes ballet lessons. When they signed up, she was told there is a recital but it's "optional." She didn't think much of it. Now that the class is almost over, she finds out that she has to spend $70 for the recital costume, plus $80 just to participate, and another $15 per ticket for anyone who wants to attend -- including the parents.

It would never have occurred to me that there would be a recital fee, and she said it hadn't occurred to her or to any of the other moms she talked to in the class. (Of course, they're all participating in the recital because it's what the kids have been training for and talking about.)

So, just a warning: If you're enrolling your child in a dance class, you might want to ask what other costs are involved besides just the monthly tuition. (Here's a list of places that teach dance, too, in case you're interested.)

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