Sunday, November 23, 2008

COP reports some area crimes

From Citizens on Patrol's Karl Pfrommer: "A pair of robbers wearing hoodies has robbed the Sunoco station on Charles St. north of Stevenson La. and the Texaco station on York Rd, across from Channel 2. The same pair has robbed two other stations in Essex. They may begin robbing in another areas too.

Captain Al Jones has deployed extra police in our area, specifically on York Rd. and Charles St. near Stevenson La. Police from other precincts have been temporarily shifted to the Towson Precinct. Officers are parking their cars and walking the area. (The robbers have parked their vehicle blocks away from their target. After the robbery, they run off to where they have left their vehicle.) If you see anyone looking suspicious, please don't hesitate, use you cell phone, 911.

A catalytic converter theft occurred recently in the two hundred block of Stevenson Lane. The vehicle was not even moved! The thief crawled under the Jeep and sawed off the converter during the night.

There was a burglary Wednesday evening, Nov. 19, on Yorktowne Drive, between 5:30-8:00 p.m. A woman had been working at home all-day and left with her family to get some dinner. While they were gone the home was vandalized and many valuables were taken. There was also an attempted burglary at 5XX Stevenson Lane during the same time. Both of the homes that were broken into have a portion of low roof that is easily accessible. In both cases that is how they broke in. They jumped onto the roof and broke into a 2nd floor window. Lt. Randy Guraleczka of the Towson Precinct told Sharon Welling, Yorkleigh President, that the Yorktowne burglary is very similar to another burglary in the 400 block of Stevenson Lane in Rodgers Forge on October 2nd (see below):

Unknown suspects cut the screen to a 2nd floor window to gain entry. The bedrooms were ransacked and a large amount of jewelry, a foreign coin collection, DVDs, and a passport were taken."

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