Friday, November 7, 2008

More info on Michael Phelps and changes to Meadowbrook

No word in this Sun story on whether they'll keep the kiddie pool. I hope so.

Update: Just got an email from the pool and here's a bit of what it said:

"While our background and passion is clearly competitive swimming, we realize that the most special quality about Meadowbrook is the balancing of our many programs. We will continue our mission to develop Olympic level swimmers in concert with our community focus. The scope of our program will always be greater than solely training competitive swimmers. Our members will continue to be the primary focus of our facilities and we look forward to enhancing your experience at Meadowbrook as we go forward together.

While we hope to bring new energy to Meadowbrook, let us assure you that your daily experience will be affected very little by the change in management. Our hope is that with your help we can take Meadowbrook to a new level of service and quality. We want to be the best family based recreational facility in Baltimore."

And here's a survey:

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