Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rodgers Forge Elementary even more crowded now

That's according to newly released numbers that Towson Families United cites on its blog. Also interesting:

"Plans for Towson’s new elementary school continue to be on schedule, according to school system officials. However, that school will only provide about half the needed seats in the next five years. To meet the additional need, school system officials are considering additions to Stoneleigh and Hampton elementary schools. BCPS and Maryland State Department of Education personnel visited both sites last week. However, no funding has been requested for either project.

Another option to help meet these needs is to move the Cromwell Valley Elementary technology magnet program, currently drawing students from around the county, and re-open the building as a community-based elementary school. Re-opening Cromwell Valley would be significantly less expensive than building an addition, but school officials do not appear to be seriously considering this option." --read more

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