Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Construction of West Towson Elementary will be allowed to continue.

The Baltimore Sun reports
: In his ruling, [the judge] noted [residents'] arguments about the disruption that the construction noise and activity would present to "the quiet enjoyment of their residences," and how the school's proximity would diminish their property values. But "the nature and extent of the harm" the plaintiffs would suffer while waiting for their case to be heard is "speculative," Finifter wrote, adding that he was not convinced by affidavits submitted to that end. -- full story

And here's an article by Bryan Sears in the Towson Times.

And here's a bit of what Towson Families United had to say about it: The plaintiffs have not yet said whether they will continue to pursue legal action. This is the second time the four residents have lost in court. A different judge denied their request for a temporary restraining order earlier this Spring.

The new school is scheduled to open in August of next year. With 451 seats, it will still only solve about half of Towson’s elementary school overcrowding problem. -- more

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