Monday, June 29, 2009

Make sure your dues are paid if you plan to vote for board members of the Rodgers Forge Association

The Rodgers Forge Association will hold elections for new board members at the Annual Meeting this September. Only people whose dues are paid are eligible to vote for members -- or to run for the board. So make sure your dues are paid ($20 per household) if you'd like to participate in your community. Here's dues info.

The July meeting is the only board meeting prior to the Annual Meeting, as I'm told there will be no August meeting. The upcoming meeting is July 8 at the home of board president Janice Moore at 201 Dumbarton Road. This is an open meeting for anyone to attend.

Your RF directories have the bylaws in them and explain how you can run for the board. If there is a contested district seat, "paper ballots shall be distributed, all General Members present shall have one vote." (A general member is someone who lives in Rodgers Forge and has paid dues that year.) Paper ballots are used for all at-large seats, even those that are not contested.

All district representatives serve one-year terms, so you can run for those every year. Here is a list of the different districts. As you can see from the information below, some are not filled.

Here's info from about whose terms expire when:

The members of the Rodgers Forge Community, Inc. Board of Governors for 2008-2009 are:


  • President - Janice Moore
  • Vice President - Lawrence Swoboda
  • Treasurer - Kate Hammond
  • Recording Secretary - Kate Canada
  • Corresponding Secretary - Jay Dunn

  • ALLEN, Ginny - Term Expires 2009
  • CAMPBELL, Doug - Term Expires 2010
  • DUNN, Jay - Term Expires 2009
  • DUVALL, Jean - Term Expires 2009
  • GERDING, Don - Term Expires 2010
  • HAMMOND, Kate - Term Expires 2009
  • MANAHAN, Michele - Term Expires 2010
  • MONTESSORO, Ada - Term Expires 2010
  • MOORE, Janice - Term Expires 2009
  • O’HARA, Norma - Term Expires 2010
  • SHERMAN, Nancy - Term Expires 2009

  • 1 CARTER, Jason
  • 3 LAWRENCE, Fran
  • 4 ZIELKE, Carol
  • 5 SCHOFIELD, Janine
  • 6 WILLIAMS, Rob
  • 7 SWOBODA, Lawrence
  • 9 HOFFMAN, Ayfer
  • 11 CANADA, Kate
  • All district representative terms expire in 2009.

    All Board members may be contacted by emailing: If you are interested in becoming a district representative on the board, please let us know.

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