Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RF resident working for more speed humps

From a Dunkirk resident: I have applied for the county to consider ways to slow traffic and increase safety along my street, Dunkirk Road. The Department of Public Works guy I talked to has asked me on which other streets neighborhood residents are interested in having traffic calming measures installed.

So here's my question to you, Rodgers Forge: where in our neighborhood do you want the county to consider? You can comment back here or send the neighborhood association board your thoughts at board@rodgersforge.org.

The levels of traffic calming measures could be:
- passive (periodic police enforcement, changeable sign displaying speed),
- standard (pavement markings, turn restrictions) or
- physical alterations such as speed humps or traffic chokers, such as at the intersection of Pinehurst and Dumbarton Roads.

Here’s how the process works:
1. A street must be mostly residential and 1,000 feet long and meet additional basic requirements.
2. The county monitors traffic volume and speed for a 48-hour period, assigning points based on average vehicle speed and the highest one-hour traffic volume.
3. The county studies the origin and destination of vehicles and assigns points based on the results.
4. Depending on the total points, the county selects and designs traffic calming measures at a passive, standard or physical level.
5. A community member then must get approval of 75 percent of residents along the street where improvements are proposed. If households immediately adjacent to proposed calming devices do not approve of the plan, it cannot go forward. (A speed hump, for example, could be relocated to another part of the block.)
6. Based on funding availability, construction can begin.

There are now speed humps on Dumbarton Road and part of Heathfield Road. Stevenson Lane does not qualify as a local street (but it does have a speed camera).

Which Rodgers Forge streets do you think the county should study?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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