Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ridgely AC postponed

A message from Friends of Ridgely Middle School:

URGENT – Ridgely will not have AC in the spring and may not have it before school starts again next fall: We need to act!

We have just received information that the current BCPS schedule for installing AC at Ridgely has slipped -- from this spring to this summer. They are not guaranteeing completion until mid-September of next school year!

This is a serious setback. We were given the impression the students would not have to suffer through 100+ degree heat index classrooms after fall 2010. It now appears definite they will endure extreme heat this May and June and quite possibly next August and September.

BCPS had the money in hand in July 2010 and the contractor's bid was approved in January 2011. This is completely unacceptable.

Please call the following lawmakers and tell them that your children and teachers cannot suffer through another hot season at Ridgely because of BCPS delays. It has been 3 years. Enough is enough!

- Councilman Huff’s office: 410-887-3387 (3rd County Council district)
- Dr. Hairston’s office, 410-887-4281
- Board of Education Office, 410.887.4126
- Kevin Kamenetz's office, 410-887-2450
- Jim Brochin’s office, 410-841-3648

Thank you for advocating for our kids!

(PS: Dumbarton Middle also doesn't have air conditioning.)
(PPS: In answer to the question of why it's a priority at RMS, Ridgely was renovated a year or two ago and the new windows barely open and AC was supposed to be installed. The county didn't spend the money on actually getting chillers for the AC system, so now the school has windows that basically don't open and no AC. A real d'oh moment, if you ask me.)

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