Saturday, October 1, 2011

Police warn of spike in burglaries in county

From the Towson Police:

Once again we're seeing a spike in our burglaries, particularly in the west & northwest section of Towson along the Falls Rd corridor (Cockeysville & Franklin Pcts are seeing the same trend). I'm sending this message out to all of our communities though to once again remind everyone to be vigilant in protecting their neighborhoods.

Since mid-September there have been close to thirty (30) burglaries along the Falls Rd area between the three Precincts, in almost all of them entry was made either through an unlocked door or forcing open a locked door and half the time the suspect/s have entered through the front door. Thus far Burglary Detectives have little information on a possible suspect or vehicle--in one instance someone reported seeing an unknown race Male wearing a blue, puffy jacket and gloves, nothing further--but most have occurred during daylight hours--primarily while residents are at work and school.

What we're asking from our community residents is to once again be sure to always secure your residences, out buildings (sheds, garages, etc), vehicles to best protect your property and please call 9-1-1 anytime you observe a suspicious person, vehicle and/or activity in the area. If you see an open door or window on a neighbor's house and you know the resident is not presently at home call 9-1-1 immediately so Officers can respond to investigate. This is not the first time we've called upon the citizenry of Towson to help us eradicate a problem in our community and you've always come through with valuable information that has greatly aided this pursuit, we anticipate great results again as we look to eliminate such behavior once more.

As we get more information I will pass it along but for now we greatly appreciate your support in getting the word out to your residents.

Thank You,
Sgt Stephen Fink, PC06 Community Outreach Team

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