Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rodgers Forge board votes to ask for code-violation sweep

The board voted via email on Thursday in favor of the sweep. The sweep will look not just for rat-related problems (trash cans without lids, etc.) but any code violations, and inspectors will be allowed to enter residents' yards. Per Councilman David Marks, the board must notify residents 30-45 days prior to the sweep, so more details from them should be out soon. Here's what Marks said in a June 22 email:

"As a safe guard to the county, specifically Code Enforcement, a request on community association letter head is requested. Additionally, notification through newsletters, e-mails or at community meeting should be given to residents 'somewhere within 30 to 45 days prior to the actual sweep.' As you are aware, my office made the request on behalf of the community with concern to the urgent nature of rat infestation. As a courtesy, Lionel VanDommelen, Bureau Chief of Code Enforcement honored that request with the limited condition that it be conducted by one inspector instead of four and be limited to the specific area of the park and address issues related to the rats such as trash containers with no lids, rat burrows in yards, junk and debris and yards containing animal waste that has not been cleaned up. A complete sweep will be conducted of the entire neighborhood in August. I would greatly appreciate it if effort could be made to notify the community as best as possible of the sweeps, but most importantly of the community wide sweep in August."

Read more about the sweep in Patch:

PS: I would imagine bird feeders do not violate county code (anyone know for sure?) but please be aware that they are rat magnets and you might want to re-think having one given the problems the neighborhood has had.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Councilman David Marks to discuss rat issue at next Rodgers Forge board meeting

From the councilman: "I'm going to speak at the August 31st meeting with a representative from Code Enforcement. We'll talk about the results of the broader sweep in August and what steps the community can take to reduce any likelihood of rats."

(The RFCA does not have a July meeting, so August 31 is the next scheduled meeting. All RF residents are welcome to attend.)

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Former owner of Senator Theatre plans to run for City Council president

This story just has "Huh?" written all over it. And don't miss the comments, mostly posted by the subject of the story.

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