Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Meatless Monday!

There are lots of reasons to eat less meat: cost, health, the toll on the earth. Maybe your thighs rub together when you walk; maybe you're haunted by images of sad-eyed cows on factory farms or chickens crippled under the weight of their over-grown breasts. Maybe, like me, you just saw Jamie Oliver's disgusting "pink slime" video and will never be able to whip through McDonald's drive-thru again. (Watch the video, if you dare.)

But if you just want to find some really yummy recipes to feed your family without clogging your arteries, try Robin Robertson's "Quick-Fix Vegan." (I'm vegetarian--not vegan--so I adapt the recipes to include traditional dairy products when they call for vegan ones, because, frankly, life without a good parmesan reggiano is not worth living.)

Robertson's recipes are diverse and often ethnically inspired, with a flair for combining ingredients in unusual ways (pasta, cabbage and tahini, anyone?). I've tried and loved so many of them that I trust even combinations I'm skeptical to end up wowing my tastebuds. And they do. Some of my favorites are Lemony Kale Couscous, Tropical Quinoa with Black Beans, and Ziti with Brasciole-Inspired Tomato Sauce. The only real dog I've come across is a recipe involving seitan, an alleged food product made of wheat gluten that I believe should be declared an enemy of the state. Be forewarned. 

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