Monday, November 12, 2012

Incident in Anneslie

An Anneslie resident sent me this, and he posted it to their listserv:

"This morning I observed a white male, in his late 20's early 30's, drive down my neighbor's driveway, behind his house, get off his bike, and look in his garage. The guy did not see me sitting on my deck having coffee.

I got in my car and followed him through our community while calling the police. This guy was going up peoples driveways, looking in their houses and garages in broad daylight, approximately 9:30 am. I lost him briefly then caught up with him again coming out from behind a house on Dunkirk across from the mansion. I followed up to York Road, where he finally saw me and took off across york and up the one way side of Overbrook. I met with police on York Road, who had dispatched about 6-7 cruisers to search for him. He was, as stated, a thin white male, late 20's early 30's wearing an orange fleece jacket and grey sweatpants, riding a black earth cruiser style of bike that was spray painted all black, with no visible logos or markings on the bike.

The police advised that he was most likely casing houses, yards, and garages for an opportunity to steal. Just wanted to let everyone know. I have no updates at this time regarding whether or not he was apprehended, or if the police found him."

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