Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BCPS to demolish old Carver building even as enrollments swell

Forehead slap. I don't understand the logic of rushing to tear down a school that's right in the middle of a hugely overcrowded area. Why not let it stand for at least a year or two and see what happens with student numbers? Are we sure we won't need that building to serve as a middle school?

Makes you wonder if this is a BCPS decision or if it's being pushed by the county for some developer-related reason.

Here's the story in the Towson Times.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Councilman Marks Proposes Open Space Zoning Classification

From Councilman Marks: On Monday, February 6, County Councilman Tom Quirk and I will introduce legislation to create the first open space zoning designation in Baltimore County.

Every property in Baltimore County has a development potential determined by its zoning classification. Even schools, libraries, and parks have a zoning designation. Councilman Quirk and I believe there should be a zoning designation to preserve open space, particularly within the urbanized part of Baltimore County.

Our legislation creates a “Neighborhood Commons Overlay District” that would permit only open space or minor recreational structures within the property. The overlay district could only be implemented during the Comprehensive Zoning Map Process, and would apply to a homeowners association common area or to to a property held by a nonprofit entity such as Baltimore County NeighborSpace.

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