Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pinehust Wine Shoppe is a beer paradise

A guest post from my husband, Scott: 

The Pinehurst Wine Shoppe has quickly become my favorite place in the neighborhood to buy… not wine, but beer. The shop has a smaller beer selection than some other local stores, but it's very good stuff.

But the main attractions are the taps -- and the fun that comes with them. Pinehurst has sold nearly 1,000 refillable growlers to people in Rodgers Forge and the surrounding neighborhoods since August, and they have an ever-changing selection of high-quality and local tap beers to fill those growlers. The shop also holds tastings -- when a particular brewery will take over all the taps -- offering unusual and sometimes rare brews for customers to try and take home. The recent Langunitas day sold me on that California brewery. And the events always feel a bit like a little party.

Pinehurst has more fun things planned for the coming weeks. The shop will offer a special prize (not yet determined, the owners say) for the person who buys the 1,000th growler. They expect to sell it this weekend, or perhaps sooner. To celebrate the Ravens' Super Bowl bid, Pinehurst will have a special offer on Natty Boh: Refills of large-sized growlers will go for $4 this Saturday, and the mascot Mr. Boh will be hanging around at the store.

On February 9, Tröegs will take over the taps from 1 to 5 pm. The brewery's standard offerings like Tröegenator and Java Head will be available, along with some rarer brews from the great Pennsylvania beermaker.

If you love beer and haven't yet checked out Pinehurst, you should head down Bellona for a taste.

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