Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Police update on theft from cars in Towson

Baltimore County Police say: 
At approximately 5:20 this past Saturday morning Officers working the Midnight Shift in Towson arrested 2 subjects for breaking into vehicles in the Rodgers Forge Community.  A Forge resident observed these two subjects trying car door handles then enter those cars found to be unlocked; this resident then called 9-1-1 for Police response. Assisted by a K-9 Officer PC06 Officer Burns located the two subjects and placed them under arrest when they were found in possession of numerous items not belonging to them.  No force was required in entering any vehicle but the subjects were found in possession of numerous GPS units, money, an ipad and also two bank cards at the time of their arrest.  These two were charged with nine theft cases following their arrest.
The Thornleigh community has also seen a recent rash of thefts from vehicles and although the method of theft is identical the two subjects arrested denied any involvement when questioned about those crimes.
Once again I am passing this information along to all of our community representatives of Towson to get the word out again to your neighbors to properly secure all vehicles and property when not in use.  Anything of value (money, electronics, credit/debit cards, jewelry) should be properly concealed and secured so as not to make for a welcome target to these prowling individuals.  
These persons are not targeting one specific neighborhood in Towson for their activities, as we have seen many communities victimized in recent months but they are looking for "easy" targets--unlocked vehicles with unsecured property inside! Let's work together in eliminating this criminal element from Towson and improve our quality of life.  Secure your property, keep a watchful eye on your street and when you see suspicious persons or activity call 9-1-1 for Officers to respond and investigate.  We are stepping up our patrols, identifying those persons who are suspicious and arresting those who are acting in a criminal manner.  Together we can make Towson a safer community for all. 
Sgt Stephen Fink, 2815  PC06 COT

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