Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Duckpin bowling and local beer at Stoneleigh Lanes, March 15

A post from my husband:

Conspirators toppled a Roman emperor on the Ides of March. The folks at Pinehurst Wine Shoppe merely hope that you can knock back a few beers and topple some duckpins.

Pinehurst and Union Craft Brewing are hosting Duckpin Night at Stoneleigh Lanes on March 15, from 8 to 11 pm. The event will feature all-you-can-drink [you're walking home, right guys?] Union Craft Duckpin Pale Ale and live music from the classic-rock band Tainted Souls.

Tickets are $25, and Pinehurst has sold about a third of them since they went on sale a week ago. One of the wine shop's owners told me that he's hoping that Duckpin Night can be a fun get-together for people in the Rodgers Forge/Stoneleigh/Cedarcroft area. Sounds like a blast!


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