Monday, February 18, 2013

Have you tried Il Basilico in Timonium? (Formerly Pasta Blitz)

my grainy phone photo
We shop at REI not infrequently and so I've driven past Pasta Blitz, which is in the same strip mall, many times. For some reason I thought it was a chain and just never thought to go there. But I read a review of the place in The Baltimore Sun recently and so we gave it a try the other night.

The place was pretty busy -- the server said lots of people had seen the review -- and it was better than I had imagined it might be (it's also locally owned and not a chain). I got the Gnocchi Caprese and it was pretty tasty. My son liked his chicken fingers and fries (not very imaginative, I know) and my daughter liked her spaghetti and giant meatball -- five bucks each, including their milk. The booths and the tablecloths are vinyl so it's not super fine dining or anything, but it was pretty tasteful and a nice place for a casual night out.

Here's the Sun's review:

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