Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Coordinating help for the Blanks family

My friend Jessica Brown-Strott asked me to post this: 

Great news: Tom Blanks is coming home on Friday, 8/2/13! The doctors thought he would be at the in-patient rehab for another two weeks, but he's doing so well that they're letting him recover at home. Now the real fun starts for the Blanks family.

A calendar for coordinating meals and other family needs has been set up for the Blanks Family. If you would like to sign up to help out, please visit:

Calendar ID: 155627
Security Code: 8500

It is set up so that helpers can donate a week's worth of breakfast or lunch items on Sunday, though any day would be fine dropping off the food. Also, we're starting out with asking for four meals per week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). We'll see if it's enough or too much. 

Tom is recuperating at home, so it would be nice for the kids to get out of the house at lease part of each day. If you can take one or more of the kids on an outing or some games out front, please text or email Blair to work it out. I know she'd appreciate it. Her contact info is on the site.

Everyone is welcome to share the website information to recruit more volunteers.
Read about Tom's accident here: 

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